"In the Beginning, all America was Virginia."
William Byrd II
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Discover Charles Peale Polk's painting of George Washington.

George Washington
"All Falling Faiths" #BannerLecture by J. Harvie Wilkinson III @ VHS Weds 3/29 @ noon #VaHistory #1960s #RVA t.co/qKrKw7iGr0

Current VMHB issue

Virginia Magazine of History and Biography

Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, vol. 125, no. 1Volume 125 / 1

  • Sir John Harvey: Royal Governor of Virginia, 1628–1639, by Brent Tarter, pp. 2–37

  • Soil Tilled by Free Men: The Formation of a Free Black Community in Fairfax County, Virginia, by Susan Hellman and Maddy McCoy, pp. 38–67

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