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WWI Centennial Tributes

Help us remember thOSE who served

During the 100th anniversary, the Virginia Museum of History & Culture is hosting two WWI Centennial Exhibitions (WW1 America and The Commonwealth and the Great War). We are also asking the public to help us honor those who safeguarded our democracy. 

Your gift of $1,000 or more will honor a Virginian and will be recognized on the Roll of Honor that is installed at the entrance to our "WW1 America" exhibition. Make a tribute to the Roll of Honor

Your gift of any amount will fund a Remembrance Poppy that will be displayed on our Remembrance Wall. Give a Remembrance Poppy. 

Photograph showing a field of poppy flowers

World War I was a conflict that redefined the world, our nation and the Commonwealth of Virginia. More than 100,000 Virginia men and women served. Many did not make it home. For the thousands of Virginians who did not survive, the 2018 Centennial will provide tribute and gratitude for the ultimate sacrifice made in the line of duty for state and country. 

The poppy became a symbol to remember military service when Moina Belle Michael, who served at the YMCA War Secretaries’ headquarters in New York, penned her poem, We Shall Keep the Faith, in response to the more famous, In Flanders Fields by John McCrae. 

Thank you to the following donors who have supported this effort.

Roll of Honor (gifts of $1,000 or more)

Charles Andrews, given by Charlotte McCutcheon

Capt. Franklin Boushee, US Army, given by Capt. Frank L. Boushee, USN (ret.)

Lt. John William Boyd, given by McGuire Boyd

Dewey Phipps Cameron, given by Micky Hale Smith and Terri E. Hale, Granddaughters

Walter I. Cullen, Sr., U.S. Navy, WWI, given by Richard Cullen

John M. Daniel, Jr., given by Dr. John M. Daniel, III

Col. David Seth Doggett, awarded the Silver Star and Purple Heart WWI, given by George Brooke Doggett, Son

Beverly Gerard Edwards, given by Beverly Edwards Pflugrath, Daughter

Sgt. Francis Meriwether Fowlkes, given by Jennie Fowlkes Hyatt, Francis Meriwether Fowlkes, Jr., and Hobart Vaughan Fowlkes, Daughter and Sons

Grover Gordon Fralin, given by William H. Fralin, Jr.

Edgar Atwill Gilman, given by John Patrick Gilman

Capt. Daniel Dunbar Howe, given by Dana King

Lt. Elliot Hampton Howe, given by Dana King

Joseph John Loehr, Sr., given by the Loehr Family

Ernest Mayo Long, YMCA Foreign Service Secretary, given by Henry P. Long, Jr.

1st. Lt. John Lee McElroy, 315th Field Artillery, given by John Lee McElroy, Jr.

Robert H. Patterson, given by Mrs. Robert H. Patterson, Jr.

Alice Shafer Richardson, Red Cross nurse in France, WWI, given by Page Frischkorn

Shelton and Jean Short, given by Shelton H. Short, Jr. Trust

Major Henry Taylor, Army Engineers Headquarters #3, given by Henry Taylor V, George W. B. Taylor and Alice Taylor Spilman, Sons and Daughter

PVT 1CL Jack B. Taylor, 151 Machine Gun Battalion, killed in action (30.7.1918), Aisne Marne Cemetery, France, given by Vicki Taylor Murphy, Niece

Samuel R. Thrift, given by Ann Allison and Jerry Thrift


Remembrance Poppy

All the medics and nurses, given by Tim and Nancy Priddy

All veterans, given by Anne Harrison

All WWI Veterans — Known & Unknown, given by K. O'Meara

All Virginians, given by Steven C. and Patricia L. McNeal

Richard Berger, Korean War given by Mrs. Richard Berger

James Marquis Blackburn, given by Marquis Blackburn Burnett

John Edward Blake, August Lassen, Henry Lassen, Dan Lassen, Frank Marx, and Joseph Marx, given by Madeline Larson

John Holmes Bocock, given by Roberta B. Bocock

Alice Elam Browe and Joseph J. Browe, Sr., given by Sharon Francisco

Bertie C. Bucklen, given by Okley Bucklen

Private Albert John Burge, died November 6, 1914, 2nd Battalion, given by Heather Oertly

Worthy Callahan, given by Mike and Patty DeRuosi

Stuart Grattan Christian, Sr. and Archibald Gerard Robertson, given by Susan C. Coogan

Herbert A. Claiborne and Charles Edward Richardson, both from Richmond, the latter seriously wounded, given by Elizabeth G. Richardson

Fountain C. Clayton, given by Beth and Lynwood Butner

Mrs. Arlene Daniels

 Thomas Evans, given by Edwin W. Watson

William L. Fastabend, given by William A. Fastabend

Melissa Ferrell

Barry Fisher, given by John Oehler

Emma Maxwell Broaddus Harris, given by Betty Broaddus Bruce Shepard

James Franklin Harris, given by Carolyn Harris

Robert A. Harris, Jr. and Frank Bacon, given by Mary-Ball Massey

Dennis Wilson Hartz, given by Ransone and Carolyn Hartz

William Peet Hemphill, posthumously awarded the Purple Heart in WWII, given by Elizabeth Darling, Great-Niece

Harvey Lee Hendrickson, given by Betty Jones Bowles

Bland Selden Hobson, given by C. Hobson Goddin

Milton Holc, given by Shirley Holc Porter, Daughter; and Jean Z. Longest

Edward Jones, served in France in non-combat position synchronizing machine guns on
combat airplanes so propellers would not be shot off, given by John Walker Jones

Emanuel David Jones, WWI Veteran, given by Mary Lee Bryant

"Pappy" Manown Kisor, Sr., given by Manown Kisor, Jr.

Jim KleinR. Gesstenberg, and  P. Grunbar, given by T. Owens

Matthew Kline, given by Clay and Liz Williams

William C. Kues, given by Elisabeth Turner

Ivan C. Lantz, given by Mary L. Maiden

W. Rush Loving, 2nd Lt. Richmond Blues, given by Rush Loving, Jr.

Alfred Marshall (Fred) Luck, given by Joan Luck Russ

Lt. Col. Junius F. Lynch M.D., Virginia National Guard, AEF 1918-1919, given by John S. Lynch

First Lieutenant William Whann Mackall, Jr., given by Mimi Mackall Wilson Dozier

James Everett Mann (1917-18), given by James Everett Mann, Jr.

Albert Ralph Masters, given by Susan Gayle McInnis

William Harold Mays, given by Ann Mays, Daughter-in-law

Robert Clay McFadden, given by Renee Pyles

Henry Lewis Mitchell, given by Jonathan Moore

John Adkins Moulton, given by Randolph H. Moulton

William P. Murden, given by John C. Murden

Italo Niccolucci, given by Dan Niccolucci

William B. OConnell, given by Jerry O’Connell

Samuel Winfree Palmore "Provost", Powhatan Co., VA WWI, given by Ann B. Eggers

Frederick Duncan Parham, given by Mittie and Troy Arnold.

J. Thomas Priddy, Sr., given by Bob Priddy

Donald Pyeatt, given by Rebecca Pyeatt Cumins

Harry Reynolds, given by Lee Hougen, Grandson

“Uncle Jim” Richards, given by Georgie Green for Lucille Smith

Walter S. Robertson, given by Catherine Claiborne, Daughter

Roderique Emanuel Rohas, WWI Army Corps of Engineers, given by Rick Rohas

Josiah P. Rowe, Jr., WWI Army Pilot, given by Jeanette Cadwallender

John Sharp, given by Sally Godsey

Frank E. Sherman, Awarded France’s highest honor – Legion of Honor, given  by Genne M. Johnston, Granddaughter

Mrs. Robert H. Spilman

Claude William Smith, "An old Virginian and a patriot", given by the Cameron Family

James Aiken Spencer, given by Virginia C. Smithson, Great-Niece

Frank O. Steele, Tazwell County, born 1 January 1893, died 20 October 1943, given by Virginia Steele Wood

James Mark Timmons, given by J. Kenneth Timmons, Jr.

 Roy Walker, Ed Manton, and Col. Abbott Boone, given by Dr. and Mrs. Thomas V. Van Auken

 Lt. Lowry Rush Watkins (1897-1981), given by Col. Lowry Rush Watkins, Jr.

Cecil T. Welsh, World War I, given by Cecil T. Welsh, Jr

Othman Roy Wiley, given by Chris and Beverly Durrer

 MSG Walter Hodges Williams, given by Ann, Susan, and Sally, Daughter and Granddaughters

Julian Wright, given by Joanna Best and Dave Foster

William Lee Younger, Private USA, Base Hospital #41, given by Mr. and Mrs. Roderick Dew Brown

Every effort is given to ensure the accuracy of this contributions list. If we have overlooked your name or made an error, please accept our apologies and advise Matt Weber, Senior Officer for Donor Services, at 804.342.9658 or mweber@VirginiaHistory.org.

Visit the Roll of Honor or Remembrance Poppy donation pages today to make your tribute gift.