"In the Beginning, all America was Virginia."
William Byrd II
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The Story of Virginia

Virginia History Day

award winners at the 2017 Virginia History Day competition

Virginia History Day is a history competition for students grades six through twelve. To qualify for the state competition, students must place first or second in their category and age division at one of eight district-level competitions held throughout Virginia. The top two entries in each category and age division at the state level will compete at the National History Day finals.

2018 Competition Theme

The theme of the National History Day 2018 is Conflict & Compromise in History. Students are encouraged to examine their topic's influence on history and draw conclusions about the ways in which their topic had an impact on the course of events and on individuals, communities, nations, or the world. Students and teachers are encouraged to remember local history and local resources when selecting topics. Download the 2018 National History Day Theme Book.

2018 Virginia History Day Location

Virginia Museum of History & Culture

The Virginia Museum of History & Culture is located in Richmond, Virginia and is approximately 110 miles south of Washington, DC, VA via I-95. It is approximately 10 miles from the Richmond International Airport. Learn more about the Virginia Historical Society.


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